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AUGUST 17, 2014 Huge Saturday all over western North Carolina. Blue Ridge Parkway, Maggie Valley, Cherohala Skyway and the Dragon were packed with bikes and cars enjoying the perfect weather. Looks like Sunday will be good also. Come on out.

SAYING OF THE WEEK: I have motorcycle hearing. When someone is talking to me I look at them, nod, and say "yeah" a couple of times and still not hear a word they say.

AUGUST 7, 2014 Great weather and lots of riders/drivers taking advantage of it. We have had several Teslas use our new charging station and expect more to come. Still looking for the first electric motorcycle.

Big weekend coming. The Notorious P.I.G. BBQ will be at a competition this weekend. We have something planned to provide lunch on Friday and Saturday. It will be quite a show so come on by.

JULY 28, 2014 The Miata rally was huge this year. Really enjoyed the entire group who stopped in to say hello.

We also had our first hybrid stop in for a free charge and a Tesla owner said he would be back with his car this coming week. We have both standard charger and Tesla charger.

JULY 19, 2014 Traffic has been steady for the past few weeks. Some weekdays have been almost as busy as weekends. It has been a great mix of cars and bikes. Miata Madness begins on the 25th. Don't make the mistake the Miata made on the 19th. SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE

MATG CONTEST: We will be giving away three custom Miatas At The Gap street signs on Friday. Visit our FACEBOOK page and comment by telling us where you are coming from and we will announce the winners on our chalk board at the store on Friday. We will have plenty of signs to purchase along with free MATGXVIII stickers.

JULY 7, 2014 A great 4th at the Dragon and all area roads. This week the Pacific Coasts return for their 14th year at the Gap.

JULY 1, 2014 Looking forward to the best 4th in years. The weather forecast is perfect and there are lots of celebrations planned in the area. The Robbinsville Heritage Festival will feature lots of Appalachian entertainment. Moonshiner Jim Tom will be there along with lumberjack competition, street dancing, live music and even a greased pig chase.

Fontana Village has live music by the Chillbillies, a parade, lots of family activities and fireworks at 10 pm on Friday the 4th. DETAILS

JUNE 22, 2014 The LAMA Riders arrived in a big way. The Latin American Motorcycle Association always brings in a great riding crowd, but this year they were everywhere. We gave away more than 1200 free LAMA Dragon stickers and sold more than 40 custom LAMA street signs.

Thursday there was a serious bike vs car on the Dragon. A lady rider blew a corner and met the car head on. She ended-up on the hood with several broken bones. Heard she was a new rider and perhaps should not have taken on such a challenge.

JUNE 18, 2014 Another BIG weekend at the Tail. Lots of riders and drivers enjoying the warm weather. Mid-afternoon thunderstorms were spotty as is normally the case this time of year. Ride 5 miles and you are out of the rain. They also break-up as fast as they form. Then the sun comes back out.

Big welcome this coming week-end to the LAMA Riders. The Latin American Motorcycle Association always brings in a great riding crowd. Stop in the Tail of the Dragon Store for some free LAMA Dragon Stickers.

Yesterday afternoon a large tree fell across US 129 along the Cheoah River blocking traffic for about an hour. This is fairly common so riders need to stay alert, especially in the corners.

JUNE 11, 2014 The Hot Rod Power Tour from Charlotte to Knoxville brought some great cars through the Dragon. It was a real parade of muscle cars.

This weekend is the Maggie Valley Bike Fest. Should be a big two-wheel parade.

JUNE 3, 2014 Another big weekend at the Dragon. Lots of Vipers on Friday. Coming soon is the Hot Rod Power Tour from Charlotte to Knoxville. Should be interesting. Bring a lawn chair and watch the parade.

Sad to report a delayed death from a trike accident at the Gravity Cavity on May 28. Ohio rider hit the embankment and was listed as critical at UT, but did not survive.

MAY 27, 2014 Huge holiday weekend in the area. Lots of bikes and cars made the best of the holiday and only one short-lived downpour to slow it down. Great to see so many people with smiles on their faces enjoying the great roads and scenery we have here in western North Carolina.

MAY 20, 2014 Yesterday a motorcycle rider became the first fatality on the Dragon in 2014. The 56-year old Pennsylvania man lost control of his sportbike in a corner and hit a car head-on. The accident occurred at the northern end near tabcat bridge. The driver of the car was not injured.

May 19, 2014: More than 800 Zcars here for ZDAYZ this past weekend. Lots of bikes too. The cooler weather surprised many and we just about sold out of hoodies!

MAY 16, 2014: Lots of Z cars here for ZDayz. And the weather has cooled-down for the week-end. Come on out.

MAY 5, 2014: It was a colorful weekend at the Dragon with more than 800 Mini Coopers on the road. Then the New Beetles came with $2 bills. Can't forget the Audis, Challengers and Foresters. And a large group of cruisers on the way to the Maggie Valley Rally. And the weather was perfect.

This week the air will be filled with blue smoke as the two-strokes return. Mix in some Busas and Subarus and it will be another great week.

APRIL 29, 2014: What a show of cars this past weekend. Lots of exotics, Corvettes, C30s, Boxers and the Rotaries. This week we will welcome over 500 Mini Coopers, Audies, Subarus, New Beetles and a group of Challengers. Come on out and join the fun.

The Notorious P.I.G. BBQ will be returning to the Dragon this week.

APRIL 21, 2014: Lots of Mustangs this past week as they headed to Charlotte for the 50th anniversary party. Another busy weekend in spite of a rainy Saturday. We actually had a late snow flurry last Thursday but the hardy riders were still out. Looks like good warm weather coming this week.

There was a 2.6 earthquake just 9.5 miles west of the Dragon at 1:05 am Monday morning. Anyone feel it?

The Notorious P.I.G. BBQ will be returning to the Dragon in a couple of weeks.

APRIL 9, 2014: Busy weekend with the Wookies. This week the S2000s will be Rockin' the Dragon. Looks like perfect weather this coming week-end, so come on out before the summer crowds arrive.

APRIL 5, 2014: We are now open full time for 2014. Josh and Leighann are ready, so plan to stop in and say hello. The road is in good condition and the weather is gradually warming.

Lots of Wookies in the Woods this week-end. Weather looks like perfection so come on out.

MARCH 30, 2014: We are now open full time for 2014. Josh and Leighann are ready, so plan to stop in and say hello. The road is in good condition and the weather is gradually warming.

The road was a little trashy last Friday morning after a minor storm passed through. By afternoon it was nearly cleared of limbs and leaves. Looks like a great week coming with temps in the 70s and clear skies. Get some riding in before the growds come.

MARCH 25, 2014: We are now open full time for 2014. Josh and Leighann are ready, so plan to stop in and say hello. The road is in good condition and the weather is gradually warming.

A veteran stunt pilot died Monday when his airplane crashed within 2 miles of the Tail of the Dragon Overlook at mile marker 8.8. A recovery operation was set-up at Calderwood bringing a multitude of officers from various LEO agencies. The crash site is in an extremely remote location in the Cherokee National Forest.

MARCH 17, 2014: It was a slow weekend with a rain-out on Sunday, but we opened the Tail of the Dragon store on Friday to start to get things organized. We will be opening full time for the entire season on Friday March 21, 2014. Josh and Leighann are ready, so plan to stop in and say hello.

Remember the Chasing the Dragon Hillclimb is coming this week-end. It is held at the Maple Springs dead-end near the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest Entrance. We hear there will be an electric car taking part this year.

MARCH 9, 2014: Perfect riding weather this past weekend and it looks like it might hold for the coming week. Only saw a few bikes on the road which included some French Canadians making their annual BMW assault on our roads.

We plan to open the store Friday, March 14 for the weekend and should be open Friday March 21 full time barring unexpected storms. Josh and Leighann are ready, so plan to stop in and say hello.

FEBRUARY 27, 2014: Warmer and drier weather here. Hopefully we can get things going soon. Looking like another big year at the Tail of the Dragon, so make your plans to head this way. We strongly suggest reserving your accommodations if you plan to stay more than a day or two.

We plan to open the store on weekends in late March depending on the weather conditions. Full opening in April.

FEBRUARY 18, 2014: Well the temps have moderated and the snow is mostly gone, at least below 2000 feet. Sure wish we could get a week of decent weather to let the ground dry out. The roads look a little ragged with the remains of chain sawed trees leaning precariously towards the asphalt.

Hopefully we can have some early spring weather for those of you heading to Daytona in a few weeks. We plan to open the store on weekends in March depending on the weather conditions. Full opening in April.

Watch our web cams below for all the action.

FEBRUARY 1, 2014: Wow ... talk about global warming. We'd hate to imagine what the weather would be like without it !!

Lots of white stuff and below freezing weather for the past month. Lots of new records set. Hoping it will break for a while. Haven't seen any motorcycles on the road for weeks, but today it hit 60 degrees and saw four riders headed for the Cherohala. Better wash your wheels when you get home.

JANUARY 5, 2014: Looks like some serious weather headed our way over the next couple of days. Sunday night snow with temps dropping into the teens. And then Monday night we'll see -4 (yes negative 4 degrees). No significant warming until Wednesday. Watch our web cams below for all the action.

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