Hi, I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for one of our best trips ever! Your site is just as awesome as our trip to the Smokies! My husband and I rode down from Toronto, Canada in July and had a safe and wonderful experience visiting the area. We came to the Smokies because a lot of people in Sport bike circles talk about the Dragon, so we just had to come.

We used your website to book our accomodations, which were great by the way. Great info on the site. We rode 3500 kilometres in 7 days and covered 7 states. That's a lot for a newbie like myself (riding the SV650s). By the end of the trip I was thinking . . . mmm GoldWing would be nice... nah just kiddin. We met some guy getting gas one day, and asked us where we were from, when we told him, he responded that we were HARD CORE I'll tell you what was hard core after that trip, it starts with an A and ends with an S.

It was a phenomenal life experience for me, we took tonnes of pictures attached are a few of my favourites. Keep up the great work on the website, I check it out often.

Cheri and Rob from Toronto, Ontario Canada