As promised the guys from The Spirit World Forum had their weekend at The Dragon August 23-25 and had a great time! Sorry we missed you but we did manage to drop by Wheelers for some goodies and had our picture taken there. Next spring we hope to make a big event out of this and may call on you for some pointers if you don't mind.

Just thought I'd share a picture of our crew at a stop along the Cherohala Skyway.

Back row left to right: Harebare (MI), SIK (AR), FedEd (KY), Casper (SC), Islandman (TN), Bamafan (AL)

Front row left to right: Billski (NC), Chenzoh (Windsor Canada), Chuck (SC), Southrn50 (TN), Valk (TN), RoadDog (TX), Warlock (NC), Rico (TN)

RoadDog won our "RoadDog Award" for making the ride 900 miles each way from Texas just to ride The Dragon. His total was more than 2100 miles in 3 days!

I'd also like to share with you the tale of "The Spirit World at The Dragon" as composed by one of our members, Ed Whitson a.k.a. "FedEd". Hope you enjoy it. Sincerely,Billski182

The Spirit World at The Dragon
From Texas to Canada,
They came to the NC State
They wanted to slay the Dragon,
And then make good their escape.

All through the day they came,
Sometimes three or two or one.
Some got there early,
For others the night was nearly done.

The morning dawned,
with clouds all dark and low.
The rain was afalling,
Sometimes fast,sometimes slow.

It may be a washout,
Some began to think.
This could be a bummer,
This is starting to stink

But the clouds soon lifted,
And began to split apart.
The warriors arose from bed,
And gathered in the parking lot.

They wiped and polished,
They shined and cleaned.
They made their steeds ready,
For the battle they were to see.

Burn-outs in the parking lot,
O yes, they had some of those.
They smell of burning rubber,
Often filled their nose.

Then the Animator cried mount up!
It's time for us to go,
Mount up! Mount up, I say
And pray for your mortal soul.

Ride up into the mountains,
Aid the great warrior Chenzoh.
High up in yonder hills,
That is where we need to go.

Now Billski and Kimski,
They did double team that mother,
The others all followed singly,
One after another.

"The Dragon is not up here",
Said the brave man Valk,
"Down lower in the hills,
Is where we should stalk."

"Back down into the foothills",
Cried the mighty Roaddog.
"There's nothing up here,
But cold air and fog."

"Onward",yelled Islandman,
"Already the day grows late.
We must find this Dragon,
To learn of our fate."

"There he is", they cried,
The chase, it was on.
As the brave warriors rode their steeds
Upon the Tail of the Dragon!

The great Warlok,
Did ride near the front of the pack.
And Billski he did help,
To spearhead the attack.

Bamafan and his friends,
An early retreat they did make.
Some problems back home,
Caused a short trip for them to take.

Casper was a ghost,
Who grew easily bored.
But when the battle began,
He was among that angry horde.

Young Souther began the day,
As a warrior still untested.
But by the fall of dark,
The Dragon he had bested!

The mighty fighter Vic,
Rode proudly upon his steed.
He helped to slay the Dragon,
He joined in to that fray.

Now these strong warriors,
Are upon the Dragons Tail.
Yes! These spirited fighters,
Are giving the lizard hell!

The Dragon bit Harbare!
He gave him quite a fright.
But the others rallied round,
And he soon rejoined the fight.

Then Rico and Karen,
Those reinforcements did arrive.
With a lot of cold beer,
For those still alive.

A store keeper did anger Billski,
And his goods they did not buy.
But went further down the trail,
And bought from another guy.

They fought that Dragon,
They fought it hard and fast.
They jousted with it three times,
And kicked it's curvy ass!

Gray haired Fed Ed was the scribe,
It was he,who set this saga to words.
He scribbled down these letters,
He wrote the nouns and verbs.

Now the Dragon is still there,
A-lying in deadly wait.
If you dare to joust the Dragon,
Beware lest you become Dragon bait!

Now as they leave these hills,
And sit upon their mighty ride.
The fact they slew the Dragon,
Fills them with pride.

A preacher man came around,
With words of salvtion coming from his lip.
They did not listen to what he had to say,
It is the scooter god they worship.

The cycle god, is who we worship,
They were with us in the battle.
We slew the Dragon! Be gone!
We need not hear any of your prattle.

All the brave warriors knew,
It was time for them to depart.
But as they go throughout this land,
It is with a heavy heart.

Now the hour grows late,
The night has gotten still.
And the brave band of brothers,
Vow to come back again, next year.

Ed Whitson (FedEd)