We get many questions from people interested in heading this way to enjoy our many great roads. Hopefully this page will provide some hints that will make your trip even better.


You can maximize your riding/driving time if you plan your routes from home. The Internet is a great source of information. Visit our touring page at for numerous rides and routes with information on places to visit, where to stay, good dining, road conditions, maps and more. We have details on both paved and dual sport routes.

Also visit our map page for many printable area maps on the our Make sure everyone in your group has a map to where you are staying .... and uses it !

By using our Touring information you can plan most of your trip right on your computer. Print out the maps and the entire page for reference.



It takes a full week to get the most out of area roads. Spend a full day on the Dragon/Cherohala Loop, a full day for the Moonshiner 28, a full day for North Georgia Six Gap, a full day for the southern part of the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Diamondback, and a full day for the Devils Triangle.

If you plan to run the Snake in Shady Valley you need to plan an overnighter there. It's close to 200 miles from the Dragon. Another overnighter might include staying near Asheville and running the Hot Springs and Roan Mountain areas. These roads are over a 100 miles from the Dragon.

You might be able to catch some of these either on your way here or on your way home. Here is a map showing the locations of these roads.


There are a wide variety of accommodations in our area. These range from basic camping to exclusive mountain top resorts.

The Tennessee side of the Smokies offers more for families and people interested in night life and other recreational pursuits. THE GOOD - Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge have hundreds of motels and cabins. There are also many tourist attractions and places to eat. THE BAD - Crowds and longer rides to get to the great roads.

The North Carolina side is much more rural if you want to get away from the crowds. THE GOOD - You are close to the great roads and no crowds. THE BAD - A lot less in the way of recreational/dining options. Accommodation reservations are recommended, especially on weekends and holidays.

North Georgia is much like the North Carolina area.

You can find good rates for accommodations. Choose from camping, RV parks, reasonably priced apartments, chain motels, locally owned motels, cabins, and resorts. Visit our accommodation page at for motorcycle friendly places in all areas.

If you are on the Blue Ridge Parkway you should plan ahead. There are very few accommodations on this limited access scenic byway.


This alone can save you hours of hair pulling on the road. To use it to best advantage pre-program your route before you hit the road. When using a GPS unit do not rely on it totally. At times you need to use some common sense. And bring along your printed map too. Visit our GPS Hints page for more information.


It may sound like common sense, but we have seen people get here and spend more time wrenching than riding. Make sure you have good tires, brakes, proper fluid levels, etc. Get a tune-up.

If you do need some help, we have some excellent service and repair shops at Wheelers Performance and Mountain Motors. For Harley riders check out Smoky Mountain Harley in Maryville and Pigeon Forge.

Also make sure you have your motorcycle safely secured in the trailer. Check it at every stop. We have seen people arrive with bikes totalled after falling off the trailer on the Interstate. Make sure the trailer has good tires properly inflated.


All types of bikes from dual sport, cruisers, sport tourers and sport bikes are available in our area. Some even deliver to your location, for more information, visit Motorcycle Regional Services Page at


These mountains can get pretty dark at night. We highly recommend arriving in the daylight.

Many of the mountain towns shut down at 9 pm. Plan for dinner before that.

Some areas are dry making it necessary to travel for an hour to buy alcoholic beverages.

Travel times are much greater on these mountain backroads. In some cases a thirty mile trip might take an hour.


You really take your chances eating "on the fly". Whenever possible we search for good places on Trip Advisor before hitting the road.

One clue to good food that we have found is looking to see how many cars are in the parking lot. We've found a couple of excellent places that way.

We list a few local places at and a good listing of places to eat in Robbinsville can be found on our Other Things To Do page.


We highly recommend leathers, gloves, and full face helmets.

As for clothing, bring some warm clothes even in the summer for the higher elevations. Temps at 5,000 feet can be 10-15 degrees cooler.

Need to purchase some gear while you are here? Visit Motorcycle Regional Services Page at


The Dragon is Federal Highway US 129 and is free for the public to enjoy at any time. It may be closed for short periods due to downed trees and when the highway is blocked by accidents.

The main season is April through October. March and November can be iffy, especially in the higher elevations.

Winter months can be cold and snowy, but there are some days warm enough to ride. Cars can have the roads to themselves in the winter. Visit our Weather Page for current conditions.


Plenty of other outdoor activities to enjoy during your stay.  Rent a boat and experience our crystal clear mountain waters on lakes surrounded by unspoiled forest, trout fishing, hiking, white water rafting… Visit our Other Things To Do page to help plan an activity. 


We purchased a SPOT and have it on all the time we are on the road. A friend has access by computer to view where we are and where we have been. If riding alone this could save your life. There have been a number of cases where rider/drivers went off the road and were not found for days or even weeks.

Tell someone each day where you plan to ride.

Keep in touch with loved ones so they don't call us in a panic looking for you!

Remember that dangers can be just around the corner. Wildlife such as bears, wild hogs, turkeys and deer are fairly common. Downed trees can be a hazard too.


Cell phone reception is hit or miss in the mountains. For the most part it's a miss. Don't rely on them. Verizon has the best access.


Riding our roads is not a track day. If you are ticketed it will cost you more than a track day. Many of the roads such as the Dragon, the Snake, the Cherohala, and Six Gap are regularly patrolled. At times there will be LEO (law enforcement officer) saturation. Smart riders can spot this and ride more cautiously.

In North Carolina watch your speed on the 4-lanes. And remember that many locals are volunteers with radios in their beat-up trucks. They'll report speeders and reckless drivers.

Helmets are required in North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. For more information on the area law enforcement visit our Area Law Enforcement Page.

If you need some legal help, we recommend the following area attorneys:



When you get home, order your photos from the Killboy photographers stationed at the Dragon and occasionally on the Cherohala Skyway. It takes 3-4 days to post the photos which will be posted by date on the photographer's website. They archive the photos for years.


Visit our Tail of the Dragon Store on the North Carolina side of the Dragon. Look for the Big Metal Dragon. Free maps and information.
Cherohala Dragon Loop Map
Printed maps will help you stay on your route.
For printable route maps, VISIT
GPS Unit
Pull over to search on the GPS unit.

Ride with others to be safe.

Nancy at the track
A track day is cheaper than a speeding ticket.
Nancy at Moroso in south Florida.

Stay alert for Bears.

Stay alert for bears too.

Make sure your brakes are working.
More info on truck on the Dragon can be found HERE.

Ken Wheeler at Wheeler's Performance if you need tires or any work on you motorcycle. If it's broke Wheeler can fix it.

The Cherohala with 5000 foot elevations can be brutal in winter. The Dragon at 1800 feet stays mostly clear.
Wrecks Ruin Everyones Day
Wrecks spoil everyone's day. Ride within your limits. It is easy to get carried away when riding with a group, but these roads are no place to show off. In blind corners ride the white line.
Backroad rule of thumb. If the road starts to get bad, it is going to get worse before it gets better. Turn around.

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