SBN girls, LauraLee, Kathy, Zee, Helen, Tammy, & Nanc

SBN guys & gals on their semi-annual trip to the Dragon.

SBN girls ready to slay some Dragon.

900RR Dragon Bite around noon sending rider to the hospital with broken collar bone - ouch.

Jeremy, Dan, Jon, & Perry from TN & WI

Perry after lowsliding his Superhawk - not a bad crash but he paid the price by not having his racing gloves on - road rash on knuckles is not fun!!

Shawn & Mike from Charlotte NC - first timers and web regulars.

Rat Bike of the day goes to Jimmy from Knoxville on his "new" ride.

Tom leading his semi annual attack on the Cherohala & the Dragon. Always seem to miss the group and finally got to meet everybody.

Brian, Tim, Mike, & Gregg from Nashville TN, and part of the Nashville Wrecking Crew.