Chris and Dick from Fremont, OH on their NEW Road King

Doug and Hugh from Stratford and Hanover, Ontario, Canada .Rode down for the week-end.

Shirley and Kent from Brigantine, NJ stumbled onto the Dragon by shear luck.

Crystal and Carl from Sedalia, MO riding with Shirley and Kent. We would love to hear how ya'll liked it!

Mike, Chris, Jon, Tracy, Connie, and Billy members of the Greater Cincinnati Miata Club driving the Dragon.

Jimmy and fellow riders watch video of Dragon on hard mounted camera.

Phil an Carolyn from Lafayette, IN "Oh my God you're going to kill us, Phil!" And he's got it on video!

Kavin, Dean, Henry, Bill, Carey, Calvin, Mike, and Larry with the Yahoo FJ Owner's Club.

Adam, Clay, Donald, and Brian with the crew.

Sophie and Kirk from Calgary, Canada just arriving today on the Dragon.

It's amazing what a drill and zip ties can do to keep you riding!

Frankenbike close-up.