Pete from LaMotte IA came to ride the Dragon in remembrance of Galen Bahr.

Kenny & Chris from Boonville IN.

The gang from Oklahoma City taking a detour to ride the Dragon on their way to Virginia Beach.

Waiting for the weather to break....

Mike from Anniston AL and Eric from Birmingham AL.

Meeting the home town boys from Elyria OH, Larry & David.

The G & E Enterprises on a Fathers Day ride from South Florida & Georgia, and Mick from London.

The weather finally cleared and it turned out to be a beautiful day.

Marlo, Mike, Pam, & Chuck from IA taking a detour to enjoy the Dragon on their way to Atlantic Beach.

Ducati Man Scott from with his super modified M900 from Knoxville TN.

Be careful on the Dragon. An F3 went over at about 2 miles from the Overlook, in the same spot as a Hyabusa went down earlier in the day. Nothing hurt but pride.

Pulling the F3 out of the depths.