George & Mark rode 1200 miles from VT to attend the Hoot and ride the Dragon.

Linda, Joe, & Jim from Fort Worth TX

Dana and Carlota from Columbus OH

Larry, Gayla, Tom, Robin, Rick, & Pam from KY & IN - Hooters.

Roger from Rapid City SD. See his web site at

Eddie & Doug from Nashville TN, website regulars over for the ride.

Safari Man "Kurt" from Deerborn MI.

Kim & Kathy, Tom & Bev from Roanoke VA

Patty & Brian from Mesquite TX - rode 1200 miles to the Hoot.

Alex from Youngstown OH, a web regular.

Billy, Jeanne, & 8 year old Joana from Mobile AL, first timers on the Dragon. Joana was the video productionist for the entire ride.

Blair from Fort Worth TX on his 97 Wing.

Steve & Pam, Robert & Donna from MO & KS, here for the Hoot.

Gene & Lara from Milner GA on their 99 spotless Valkyrie.

Wayne "the mystery man" & Debbie from Lizella GA.

Charles from Detroit MI on his 97 Valk - here for the Hoot.