Shelley & Rodney of the Orlando Extreme group. Web Regulars.

The Orlando Extreme group up for a weeks stay at the Dragon.....Love to run with the Miatas!!

This is Bill the Squid.... a new rider with his first bike - a Hyabusa...Guess Bill likes to go all the way the first time!! His personalized license plat is "CALMARI" get it??

Amy & James, website regulars from Marion NC.

John from Spartanburg SC. Ushered at church this morning and then ushered himself to the Dragon!!

Jeanie from east TN with her husband's 1999 Harley Davidson Military Transport. 482cc, air cooled, used in Desert Storm - only about 800 of these dual sports made. Jeanie was riding her own DR.

Brian and Bobby - this is Bobby's modified Turbo Sportster.