Eric from Seattle WA

James & John, owners of J&J Motorcycle Cabin - a biker friendly rental cabin near Fontana -

Katlyn the Dragon Tamer & Miss Nancy's best bud

Angelo & his "sister" Robin from Macon GA. They hung around all day and stayed for the SWIFT TRUCK party.

Brenda & Jof from Detroit. She's from New Zeyland and he is from Norway - or wherever someone who is Dutch comes from?? They hear of great rides, program their GPS and then head for the closest places of interest. They have ridden Iceland, Sarhara Desert, and all over Europe.

Deb & Jerry from Hudsonville MI. First timers at the Dragon.

The Booger Hollow Bikers - Mike, Larry, Tom "the Geezer", and Ed from North Georgia.
Tom was tragically killed on his motorcycle in north Georgia on March 26, 2002.
The NC Riders - Dave, Bear, Brent, Sam & Geoffery.