Pete "FL_busa" and Kevin "SuperKaoss" from Florida on their Busa's

Jeff & Lisa from Noonan GA

All six feet of Amy from Johnson City TN - running with the big boys.

Marty from Hickory NC

The Fur Boys from Lexington KY: Virgil, Norris, & Brandon. Sorry Norris about the pic - come back and we'll make you a cover boy!!

Sue & Mike, Joe & Dee from London KY. Just out for a 10 day ride.

Tom & Sue from Newark MD. Website regulars from our humble beginnings. Made the trip after learning all about the Dragon from the web.
The IMOB riders from
North Carolina.
Website Regulars.

Brooks age 27, in the red and white leathers and blue boots, was killed in a motorcycle accident near Canton, NC on February 12, 2002. Friend Patrick Ewart says "The last words he spoke before we took off that afternoon were I can't wait to burn a smiley face Keep burnin' em baby. We miss you."

The Road Hazards from Kentucky. Tony pictured on the left was bit at Rocket Corner shortly after this picture was taken. Hope you're feeling good enough to ride home! We are adding part of Tony's Busa to the Tree of Shame.