Pat & Jose from Atlanta GA

Brad, Josh, John, John, Chris, Eric & Wayne from South Carolina.

Mike, Wendi, Andy, & Dennis - local bikers from TN

Jason & Alan from Knoxville TN

Dan from Chicago & Megan from Rochester NY.

Chris, Mike, Ken, & Patric from Murfreesboro TN - shortly after the picture was taken, Chris earned an Asphalt Surfer sticker by lowsiding in a corner - see pict below.

The Buell Brothers Mark & Craig, return to slay the Dragon and survived the day. Eric Buell would be proud, and quite frankly couldn't keep up with them!!

Chris' Dragon Bite.

Patty & Steve, first timers from Indiana.

Dragon Enforcer Becky & Ben with their Russian cycles from Martin County Florida.

Terry from Maryville TN.

Chico, Erik, & Phill from Volusia County Florida look for these guys at Daytona Bike Week with blue lights on their bikes.... they are Deputies (and Nanc says quite studly too)