Sorry I didn't get to meet up with you while I was down there in April. I
stopped in Wheeler's on Thursday 24th and stopped at the Overlook Thursday
afternoon and Friday morning, but didn't catch you guys. I put 1900 miles
on my brand new Yamaha R6 in 5 days (the Ducati was in the shop). I rode
the Loop (Cherahola Skyway/Rte 360 were great), Foothills Parkway, all of
Rte 73 (gorgeous) and Cade's Cove, 441, 28, and of course 129 and the Gap
itself. The maps you guys post on the website were right-on, specifically
the radar enforcement actually saved me a ticket! I've included
a picture taken at the Overlook, hopefully you guys can post it.

Thanks again, and take care.

Eric Hoelle