Joe Nesselroth (black 2001 R110S) from CT, Marsha Hall also of CT

(dragon breath flaming yellow 1999 R1100S) & Dwayne Hudson of

Gainesville GA (our host, on 2002 R1150RT) enjoying a chaperoned visit

to the Dragon. My first visit ever, but Marsha used to live in the area,

working at Blue Moon Cycle. Great road, great area- you guys are so

lucky to have so many kick-ass roads in such primo condition. I am so


Dwayne & I came back & rode the Dragon some more 2 days later. He had a

great time, passing a guy on a 750GSXR in a curve, on his touring R1150!

Talk about embarrassment! I got the GSXR on the next corner, but by then

he was just coasting it out.