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Area Road Conditions

The road conditions in far western North Carolina are good. There is some trash from downed trees that have been cleared, but there are no road closures that we know of. Most of the heavy rains and flooding has occurred in the Asheville, Tryon, Bat Cave area 100 miles east of us.  Most of the area dams are flowing strong which makes it quite scenic. Cheoah Dam in photo above Saturday June 2, 2018.

This week is the HOG Rally with many Harley Owners challenging the roads. Also a Viper Rally and many Slingshots around.

Come Join the fun.

May 18 2018

May 2018 The weather has warmed. We went from winter to summer with spring missing.  High temps in the 80s. Remember, in the summer months the weather reports often show rain which usually comes in a late afternoon shower or two with rapid clearing. 

The roads are all clear and the area scenery is spectacular this time of year. Now is a great time to tour the mountains.

April 2018

Well, we were wishing for an early spring and now we are wishing for an early summer. The weather has been teasing us with several perfect days with temps in the 60s and then another cold wave with snow showers. Forecasts seem to look for the same in the coming few weeks.

Anyway, pick your days for riding. Cars can make the best of the low temperatures and the snow flurries don't stick or last long on the Tail. But be leery of the higher elevations above 4000 feet such as the Cherohala Skyway and US 441 Gatlinburg to Cherokee. Snow can linger on those roadways.

All the area restaurants and accommodations are now open for the season. The trees and wild flowers are blooming and it is still a great time here in the Smokies.

March 2018

NC28 is open !! Crews from our local Graham County Land Company worked 24 hours per day since Dec. 22  to open a lane of traffic between Fontana Dam and N.C. 143.

In other news, our Tshirt Shack is now open for the season.  We will be open on favorable weather days during the month of March.  Early spring in the Smoky Mountains can bring temps reaching the mid 60's to extreme cold and snow storms.  If you plan a visit, make sure to check the current weather forecast.  Area resorts and restaurants will start to open in March and everyone should be open by the first week in April.