Tail of the Dragon Event Calendar 2019

Contact Us to get your event listed on the calendar.   Tail of the Dragon is available to help your group with free stickers and custom metal signs. Visit Bring Your Group for more information and samples..  Contact Killboy.com for group photos.

NOTICE: The Tail of the Dragon is US 129, a US Highway which is always open to anyone unless there is an accident or some danger which requires closing of the road. It has been closed at times due to landsides, severe storms, downed trees and truck accidents. Closure of the road is rare. The groups listed below come to enjoy the Dragon and other roads in the area. None of these roads are closed to accommodate any of these visitors.

Jan - March

  • March 15-16 Spring Corvette Expo in Pigeon Forge website
  • March 20-23 Ponies In The Smokies Sevierville TN website
  • March 29-31 March Moto Madness - Mother Rally Tellico Plains, TN website


  • April 3-7 Pride at the Dragon, Fontana Village facebook
  • April 4-7 Gensport United 9th annual Spring Run of the Dragon event
  • April 4-7 Annual GTG Crossfire forum
  • April 10-13 Bronco Super Celebration Townsend TN website
  • April 11-13 Pigeon Forge Spring Rod Run website
  • April 12-13 Wookies in the Woods - WITW 2019 DRIVE MORE website
  • April 15 North American Vintage Bently Group
  • April 15 MOM's Drive to 55 to Mustang Museum website
  • April 25-28 5th Annual Stang Driven
  • April 24 SWOCC Tames the Dragon
  • April 25-28 Mazda Dragon Camp event
  • April 26-28 Boxer Takover Facebook


  • MAY 1-5 Minis on the Dragon at Fontana Village Resort website
  • May 1-5 Deals Gap Rotary Rally website
  • May 2-5 Yellow Mustang Rgestry Pigeon Forge website
  • May 2-5 BMW K1600 Forum
  • May 2-5 Quatro De Mayo website
  • May 3-5 TOD X Tail of the Dragon New Beetle Cruise Weekend website
  • May 3-5 Thunder in the Smokies Spring Rally website
  • May 3-5 Annual Subaru Foresters on the Dragon. facebook
  • May 5-11 Boaterz n Bikerz of America Hull of a Tour 5 at Ironhorse Motorcycle Resort website
  • May 5-12 20th Annual Eastern 2 Stoke Meet website
  • May 9-12 S2000Rock the Dragon at Fontana Village Resort website
  • May 11 Annual Elements on the Dragon Facebook Group or Email for info
  • May 15 Blue Mustang Registry 5th Annual Scenic Stampede website
  • May 15-19 ZDayZ website
  • May 16-18 Grand National F-100 Ford Reunion website
  • MAY 17-19  The-Epic-Drive facebook
  • May 24-26 RVD 4 Veloster event
  • May 21-26 CTDX - C30s Conquer the Dragon X facebook
  • May 29-June 4 Slingshots in the Smokies facebook
  • May 30-June 3 Corsa Run website
  • May 31-June 2 Annual Tail of the Dragon Weekend Alabama Viper Club facebook
  • May 31-June 2 Pontiacs in Pigeon Forge website


  • June 1-2 Rennsport Dragon Rally website
  • June 7 MR2s at The Dragon at Fontana Village Resort event
  • June 8 Cherohala Challenge Century bicycle ride on the Tail of the Dragon and Cherohala Skyway facebook
  • June 8-9 Apex Appalachia - auto tour info
  • June 9-15 Freedom Cruisers Riding Club at Fontana Village website
  • June 14-16 Ford Focus Group (Focus Fanatics) event
  • June 15 VW Bugging the Dragon 3 Spring Run event
  • June 28-30 Thunder in the Smokies Summer Rally website


  • July 9 Snakes on the Dragon (Viper Cars/Trucks)
  • July 10-14 Blue Ridge Gathering at Fontana Village website
  • July 12 Competition Orange Mustang Registry event
  • July 17-20 Rapid Transit Tour - Mopars
  • July 24-28: Team-Integra Dragon Run website


  • Aug 1-4 Miatas at the Gap XXII website
  • Aug 2-3 East Coast Sand Rails event
  • Aug 11-12 Chase the Dragon Hill Climb Joyce Kilmer Forest Rd Robbinsville website
  • Aug 13-18 Gbody Oldsmobile Cool Rides Tour website
  • Aug 22-25 SBC2C event
  • Aug 24-25 Great Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion, Pigeon Forge TN website
  • Aug 24-26 Team Dragon NC Chapter  Times and locations will be posted and updated via Instagram @underthehood_tc


  • Sept 6-7 Shades of the Past Hot Rod Roundup, Pigeon Forge TN website
  • Sept 6-8 Thunder in the Smokies Fall Rally website
  • Sept 6-8  Women's Sportbike Rally XIV East at Ironhorse Motorcycle Lodge website
  • Sept 9 Sheffield City Advanced Riders (SCAR), based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England and  Blue Knights, England 9 Chapter
  • Sept 12-14 Fall Rod Run, Pigeon Forge TN website
  • Sept 9-15 Triumph Raid at Ironhorse Motorcycle Lodge website
  • Sept 17-19 BMW Z Club at Fontana Village


  • Oct 3-6 Gensport United 10th Annual Fall Run of the Dragon facebook
  • Oct 5 Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club Dragon Run event
  • Oct 5 Annual Cobalt Nation at Fontana Village Resort website
  • Oct 5 Wolf Creen Rentals Open House in Townsend TN event
  • Oct 8-9 The Villages Mustang Club at Fontana Village website
  • Oct 12-13 Classic Hondas on the Dragon event
  • Oct 12 Attack the Dragon Annual Meet at Fontana Village event
  • Oct 18-20 Southeastern GTO Assoc
  • Oct 19-20 Fall Rennsport Dragon Rally at Fontana Village website
  • Oct 19-20 Nashville Audi Club
  • Oct 25 Dragon Riders event
  • Oct 26 Fall Run Through the Smokies Alabama Viper Club facebook
  • Oct 31 Superfly Cruise to the Tail event


  • Nov 1-4 TougeFest at Fontana Village group page
  • Nov 1-4 WRX Atlanta forum
  • Nov 1-4 Spacecoast Focus ST/RS group
  • Nov 9 Freedom Ride Poker Run for Vets, Robbinsville NC event
  • Nov 8-10 SCOA Dragon Run - SE Region Driving Event