Winter Comes

We have closed our T-shirt Shack for the 2023 season, but you can still get Tail of the Dragon gear in our on-line store. Check-out our Big Holiday Discounts.

The Tail of the Dragon Highway (US129) remains open through the winter months, but check the weather before heading this way. There are still good riding/driving days even in the winter months.

Our T-shirt Shack will reopen in early March weather permitting.

There are plans to repave the Tail of the Dragon this summer. Specific details will not be availble until after the contract is let in March. The disruption to traffic has been minimal in past repavings. Only short sections of the road will be one lane as the work progresses. We will be posing more when TDOT updates their plans after March.

The most recent paving took place in June 2002. It was during the week of Honda Hoot in Knoxville and caused very little if any problems at the Tail. 

1940s Bridal Veil Falls on Moonshiner 28. Note car is driving under the falls. This was before they rerouted the pavement. These were the days when they never shut down a highway because of winter conditions.